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A few thoughts…

It’s been a crappy week so far. I have never been so glad to see the weekend come. Maybe next week will be easier to deal with. It won’t. Still, one can only hope that the future is better this gigantic cluster I’ve been stuck in.

Today has not been without its benefits. My screen cracked on my old HP laptop. I have written about this old dinosaur of a computer before. When I first started my short-lived academic career, I bought this great computer. It was cheap, but I loved the big screen.

I wrote many a paper for my ‘write heavy’ degree plan. Then, I dreamed up Freeman’s Front Porch Musings on it. In three years, I wrote over 1,000 posts for my blog on this awesome machine.

Time has passed on and I’ve bought other machines, but nothing can replace the memories I have of this computer. I took it to my first writers conference. I wrote my first short stories on it. There will be memories made on the other computers, but there’s something comforting about having this computer back home.

So, I took it to the computer shop in town and told them what I wanted done. They ordered me a new screen and installed a 500-gigabyte solid state drive on it. I am thrilled that it is back in working order. As my eyesight goes the way of the dodo birds, it will be beneficial to alleviate some of the stress on my eyes.

If things become worse, I will tune it all out with the familiarity of Tom and Jerry. You guys take care. Freeman

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