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A few words of encouragement…unedited…

I woke to this thought this a.m. “We all tried harder when scraps were all we had to offer, but all too often our best efforts ended in failure.”

For some reason, I seem stuck in this point of ‘doing your best.’ This is not the first time I’ve sat at my computer and typed something like this.  I doubt this marks the last time I write about it.

According to a precursory check of the internet, the poverty line for a one-person income is 13, 590 dollars in 48 states, in Alaska it’s 16,990, and in Hawaii it’s 15,630 dollars. I doubt their absolute best resembles anything like mine, or those who reside in the upper brackets of financial security.

But still, each person should put forth their best effort. The question is why should we give maximum effort?

This is where I’m going to speculate and opine. To me, giving your best sets you apart from your peers. Anyone who’s worked in the public sector has seen those who just go through the motions and has probably on more than one occasion had to clean the mess left by these types of folks. 

They whip about all willy-nilly, not caring who they harm or impede. Generally, they’re the first to step on someone else to climb to the next rung of the ladder and are usually unwilling to help someone else in their struggle to improve their standing.

Excellence is a habit. 

I saw a meme a while back, and it was two characters talking to one another. One asked, “what does a new year bring?” To which the other said, “365 brand new opportunities.”

It’s a matter of perspective but that’s the truth of it. Every day we wake up, we have a fresh 24-hours to improve our lot in life.  I’ve followed Elon Musk becoming the majority shareholder in Twitter with some interest recently. He showed up at the building on a Saturday. When everyone else was at home, sleeping or just lazing about, he went to work. 

To me, that’s the difference between success and failure. You show up every day, work toward your goals, and do the things no one else is willing to do, and you will find success. Stephen King once said/wrote, “talent is great, but it won’t carry a quitter.”

It’s okay to take a break. Sometimes, we need to step back and reassess, but there’s a difference between taking a break and quitting. There’s a thin line between making it big, and not finding success. It’s usually found in our willingness to go the extra mile. 

This ‘brief posting’ has gotten long in the teeth, so I will summarize by saying this: Do the work no one else will do, be consistent, and work until your dreams come true. Then, keep going.

I wish you all good tidings and much success. 


4 responses to “A few words of encouragement…unedited…”

  1. Good assessment!


    1. frontporchmusings694846020 Avatar

      Thanks, mom!


    1. frontporchmusings694846020 Avatar

      Thank you!


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