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A Walk among the Trees…unedited…

There’s this area I walk from time to time. To get away, to reset my mind and body, to hear something other than the screeching of modern life. In this vast park, I find my soul. 

I’m overdue for a walk among the trees. The serene bubbling of rushing water is calming to my harried mind. These ‘hot button issues’ can wait, the demand for conformity or exile is not more pressing than my mental health. 

Modern life is a major disappointment. 

My imaginings from my youth concerning the future were filled with flying cars, and metropolitan cites built in outer space. Underneath the waves of the oceans, far below the pressures of life, we’d spread out in cities like ants. 

Popular Mechanics fed my fascination with the possibilities of what mankind could achieve. Mother Nature taught me that life is random and far too rushed. It’s in the moments of silence that peace is found. In the bubbling of a stream, dreams play out. 

Peace is a word people throw out with little regard to it’s meaning. The word means, “a state of tranquility or quiet.” In the rushing of modern life, we lose our peace. It’s impossible to secure tranquility when the media is shouting about who we should hate next.

Only in silence do we find peace. I plan to go find some today. My mind needs to relax, my thoughts are scattered. The world sometimes is a horrible place, and people react, and overreact, by saying horrible things. 

As Adam Baldwin said in the film Serenity, “you’re about to damage my calm.” I’m there today. Tomorrow will be better, and if it’s not, I’ll go for a walk.

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      Hi. Thanks for commenting and sharing your blog. I look forward to reading your work. Have a great day.


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