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The Ragtag Ruffians and The Jester King…new writing, unedited…

Cyn was an eternal optimist and could find a silver lining regardless of how dark the clouds were. I wasn’t hopeful. Even back in the day, back when the America had transitioned from a Constitutional Republic into a power-hungry, ungrateful, Communist dictatorship, I hadn’t kept much stock in positivity. 

The Jester King made sure any positivity was trampled upon by his jackbooted thugs within the Department of Justice, the IRS, and every other useless branch of ‘government.’

Any hope of our situation improving died a miserable, lonely, death at the hands of the Court of Insanity. The court was headed by Princess Dunce. Some people claimed her empty-headed rhetoric was acting, or some type of showmanship. I didn’t believe that. 

All around us, people suffered the effects of inadequate policies enacted on ‘the poors’ behalf. We watched as our neighbors succumbed to malnutrition, starvation, and preventable diseases. Families dragged their dead out by the road and piled them up next to the garbage cans.

Hard times had come to America. Our government failed us, time and time again, and yet more laws passed to stymie the loss of food. The government learned years ago; you can’t tax a corpse. Once you’re dead, you generate no income, can’t perform a service or duty that can add to the wealth of the elite, or sire children. Therefore, the key to their plan was to keep their slaves at the verge of death but not dead. 

And every night, the media told people who to hate, why to hate them, and encouraged gross violence on those who dared to disagree with those in charge. After years of sowing seeds of discord within the population, it all imploded.

“Unify with me, and let’s get rid of these folks unlike us! How dare they stand against us,” screeched the Jester King. “Kill ‘em all! Go to their houses, riot, murder, rape, do all the things-all the time!”

His followers, without hesitation, began a campaign of terror across the nation. Cities burned to the ground, crime skyrocketed, and innocent people paid the price. America, a land once known for prosperity, became a barren wasteland. The cost of living rose to astronomical rates, fossil fuels-once a staple of the American economy-grew scarce, food rare, and no one in Washington cared. 

“Everything is fine. We’re not experiencing a recession, nor is it a depression. It’s a transition.”

The entire world had a front row seat to the demise of America. Across the globe, enemies licked their chops and salivated over the not yet dead carcass of the once great nation. 

But she wasn’t dead yet.

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