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A snippet of Clown World: Book Two…unedited…

Francis and Jonah waited for us in front of the command tent. Francis crossed her arms and frowned. Her stogie jutted upwards. The ash broke off and fell to the earth.

Jonah let out a sigh of relief when Rae stepped out. He shook his head and walked toward her. Rae hugged Jonah and let her head drop onto his shoulders.

“Thank God, you’re okay.” Jonah said, as he pulled her in tight. “We were worried. Don’t you worry none, Rae. We will have a service for your team tonight and remember their sacrifice.”

“Thanks, Jonah. I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome, kiddo. Try to get some rest while you can.”

Rae squeezed Jonah and then dropped her arms to her side. Francis watched but said nothing. A long, awkward pause developed between the trio. Jake stepped toward Francis and said, “We should talk, all of us. Rae has news.”

Francis tossed the cigar onto the ground and smashed the butt. “Yeah, we’ll do that Jake. Staff meeting at 1300. Shower and bed down for a bit. We’ll talk soon.” Francis turned and walked back into the command tent. Rae gave Jake a small nod of thanks and followed her mother in.

Jake gave Rae a sympathetic nod and turned back toward his own tent. His mind rested on what Rae had told him.

Since when did Lurkers launch ambushes? What was out there leading the Lurkers, and moreover, could it be reasoned with?

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