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Another piece of Clown World: Book Two…unedited…

Prior to the end of the world, many people thought that forward progression required concessions made for the slightest wrong or the most major offenses.
Concessions were made, and then things went full tilt into outrageousness. It wasn’t long before those with no gripes felt they were entitled to a whole slew of freebies. Work went out of fashion; entitlement and education became the trend. Everyone had rights; no one had responsibilities.
Jake bit on the eraser of his pencil and leaned back against the cot. He closed his eyes and grunted. Emily sat down next to him and whispered, “Whatcha thinking about?” Without opening his eyes, he said, “Ah, just the good ole days, ya know?”
“You’re writing,” Emily said, nodding at the paper. “Still keeping a record, eh?”
“Someone has to do it, Em.”
“Yeah, I know. It just was…troublesome back then too.”
Jake nodded and bit on the eraser some more. At least we don’t have to sugarcoat anything now. Everything’s gone to crap, and we’re all just biding time until we die off.
Emily leaned her head on Jake’s shoulder, and he put down the pen. “We’re going to die out here, aren’t we?” Jake pulled his wife into his lap and held her close. Her tears brimmed and shined in her eyes. “What will Akers inherit? A war? A land overran with monsters, both human and mutant?”
“It’s going to turn out all right, babe. We humans are tough to eradicate.”
“How can you be so sure? Where’s your proof?”
Jake snickered, and Emily let out a soft laugh. He held her for a few moments more, and she patted his arm. “I’ve gotta go get Akers. I’ll see you at the meeting.”
“Okay, sweetheart. I’ll finish up and head that way.”
Jake picked up the pen and wrote one last paragraph. As the last gasps of freedom died in America, we couldn’t agree on established fact. Everyone demanded proof for things that were proven hundreds, if not even thousands, of years ago. Well, here’s your proof. The Lurkers have evolved, and we may not survive this next round of chaos.

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