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Clown World: Book Two continues…unedited rough draft…

The conference room, it was an empty tan tent that served as a conference room, held only a large table. A table that Rae and her boogaloo bandits had acquired from a local furniture store, along with a dozen chairs. Francis stood at the head of the table, stogie in her mouth, and a hard look on her face.
Jonah, Rae, Emily, and Jake sat down on the left side. Thea and a handful of tent monitors sat on the right. No one said anything to the other. Francis had a rule about not breaking silence until one minute past the appointed meeting time. This was done in honor of those that fell to the Lurkers.
We do this in honor of those who fell in the battle to the Lurkers. We must never forget the sacrifice of so many, so that we may live in peace.
Every day, people died fighting against the monsters. It was a fact of life in post-apocalyptic America that humans couldn’t breed fast enough to replenish the ranks, and the Lurkers never seemed to quit reproducing.
At two minutes past Francis simply said, “Let’s get to it.” She motioned for Rae to come to the head of the table and brief the rest. Rae cleared her throat and said, “The Lurkers are learning. They ambushed us at Camp Charlie, and they used our tactics against us.”
Thea snapped, “What do you mean by that, missy?” Emily frowned and scooted her chair back. Jake touched her leg and shook his head no. Rae scowled at the old woman and replied, “They hit the last vehicle in the convoy. One Lurker ripped the driver from the truck and threw him aside like a Frisbee.”
The old woman scoffed and shook her head in disgust, but Rae continued: “It spoke, Thea. One word. Prey. The gunner unloaded over one hundred rounds into it, and it never stopped.”
“Oh, come on. Francis, stop this crap,” Thea shouted as she stood up. “That girl is scared, and she’s spreading her fear to the rest…”
“Shut up,” Francis snarled at Thea. “That girl goes out everyday and takes the fight to the Lurkers. She does it without complaint. You’re welcome to take her place tomorrow morning at 0400.”
Thea shut her mouth and sat down. She crossed her arms and glared defiantly at Emily and Jake. Rae let out a sigh and said, “I don’t know what’s out there, but its not a normal Lurker.”
Jake cleared his throat and asked, “How did it get so close to the convoy without being spotted? That’s where I have a problem.”
Thea motioned with her hands in Jake’s direction, and said, “That is a question we must ask.”
Francis glared at Thea, but then said, “I might have an explanation for that.” Everyone at the table turned and looked at Francis. Rae arched her eyebrows and glared at her mother.
“Look,” Francis began, “none of you have the complete picture, not even me. While Rae was rolling out to Camp Charlie, we received a memorandum from The Council of Humanity, or their science department.”
“And what did the memo say, mom?” Rae snapped. Her face blushed red, her voice quivered, and Rae clenched both hands into tight fists. Francis shook her head and said, “It said that the Lurkers might have begun evolving.”
“Did it give examples?” Rae snarled. “Why didn’t you call us and tell us?” Francis scoffed and kicked at the floor. She met Rae’s stare and snapped, “Because, it was full of nonsense. Lurkers that have adaptive camouflage? Lurkers that think and strategize? Who would buy that crap? You’d be the first one to scoff and make light of it, if you hadn’t been hit by it.”
“You had no right to decide to tell me or not! Mom, my team is dead. I barely made it home. You should’ve given me the information!”
Jake stepped between Rae and Francis and held up both hands to keep them separate. “Ladies! We have a major problem on our hands, and we need to figure out a way to solve it before we lose more people.”
“It gets worse,” Francis said. Rae snorted, shook her head in disgust and walked away. “The Council of Humanity is making moves and setting up policies to control the patrol measures and what have you. Furthermore, there’s rumors circulating that they plan to figure out a way to end the ‘Lurker threat’ once and for all.”
Emily shook her head and said, “That’s not ominous at all.” Giggles erupted around the room, and then bursts of laughter sounded throughout the tent. “Those idiots haven’t learned anything from the past,” Jonah laughed. “They probably couldn’t wait to form up a committee to investigate a hurt feeling or something.”

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