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Freeman's Front Porch Musings

My website to showcase my creative writings-such as they are.

Daily Prompt Answer:

Who are your favorite people to be around?

I happen to enjoy being around people who are smart, intelligent, and witty. As such, I like people who don’t take themselves to seriously. Also, I like people who can return my sarcasm with some of their own. I can’t be friends with humorless folks. I’m usually cracking jokes, except for when I’m not, and I like people to have an open mind. Not so open that anything goes though.

Furthermore, I like to associate with people who have equal amounts of book smarts and common sense. It’s a rare breed, I know. When I say I like intelligent folk, that doesn’t apply to those who are haughty or prideful in their ‘smartness.’ In closing, I like to have fun and enjoy being around those who share the same mentality.

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About Me

I’m a retired soldier. Writer and full – time coffee addict. I was born and raised in Mississippi, and I joined the Army at 28 for a life of adventure and travel. Interests include: Reading, walking my two pups, Casanova and Chunk, spending time with my wife Chassidy, and trying to pen the next great American novel. I am on Instagram under Freeman’s Front Porch Musings. I sometimes do Twitter under LarryF7371.


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