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Grape Cry…unedited…

I cut grapes for the daycare today. The rounded red-wine fruit seemed squishy in my monstrous fingers. “Cut them longways,” Chassidy says from behind me, hard at work on slicing strawberries into quarters. “We had someone cut them wrong once.” I didn’t even know you could cut grapes wrong. 

A small cry sounded when I placed the knife at the center of the grape. “Wait! I’m perfect as God made me.” I scoffed and pushed the blade through the skin, effectively silencing the small voice. I had no time for talking fruit, I had a bowl to fill. Then, I continued slicing until my work was done. 

Part of me was comforted in the knowledge that more fruit would grow in its stead, but the cry lingered in my mind. “I am perfect as God made me.”

Yes, this story is fictional, and no, I haven’t encountered talking fruit. Still, there are times when I have felt overwhelmed by the storms of life, and in those moments I’ve thought, “I’m not enough.” We all face those moments, and it’s easy to think God made a mistake when he created us. 

Regardless of what you’re going through today, you are enough. God didn’t make a mistake when he created you. Keep your head up and continue pushing forward. Good things are just ahead.


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