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The next part of Goldilocks and the TTB…unedited…

The heavy stomp of muddy boots sounded on the wooden plank sidewalk outside of the General Store, and Goldilocks peeked out the window from the second floor. Abel Grimley and two others stood outside the door. One of the men, the tallest of the trio, shoved the door in and it banged off a barrel of corn.
“Abram!” Abel yelled. “You in here?”
“Yes sir. I saw you coming. I have what you ordered; I’m just getting it now.”
Abram appeared from the back of the store carrying a large box. He placed it on the counter and gestured for Abel to take it.
Abel grinned and opened the box, and soft whistles of envy sounded from the other men. “Wow,” the tallest man said softly. Abel lifted the sword from the box and held it in the rays of sunlight that filtered in from the front store windows. He chuckled and said, “That’ll spill the blood of these peasants. I can lop off the head or cut the guts out of them.”
“Or both,” Abel’s companions laughed. Abram stood behind the trio and asked, “Sir, are you pleased?”
Abel turned and shoved the blade close to the lower torso of Abram, and hissed, “If I wasn’t pleased peasant, I’d have your guts on the floor.” Abram’s mouth fell open; his visage paled. Abel laughed and the other men joined in.
“These are my brothers,” Abel snickered. “The tall one is Wilhelm, the ugly one is Archibald.”
“Sirs,” Abram said quietly, bowing his head in deference to the two men. Both men stared at Abram with unflinching, dead eyes. Abel placed his weapon into the box and closed the lid.
“I’d expect there’s no money due for this gift to your betters,” Wilhelm snarled. His voice carried no malice but was ice cold. Abram shook his head and whispered, “Of course, nothing is due. Take it with my gratitude for your protection.”
Abel snickered, and said, “Why, thank you. Before we leave, where’s that pretty niece of yours? I’ve told my brothers of her beauty, and now I want to show them.”
“I don’t know exactly…”
Archibald leaned forward and jammed a thick finger into Abram’s chest and snarled, “Go get ‘er. We don’t have all day to wait on you colonial scum.”

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