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Clubber…a fresh snippet of the work in progress…unedited, incomplete…

Tammy walked over, bag in hand, with Lilly right behind her. “Preliminary cause of death,” Tammy began, “was blunt force trauma to the head. I’ll do the usual work up, and see what other surprises await. Give me a couple of days, and I’ll have something for you.”

With a nod to Katlyn, Lilly and Tammy walked out of the shop and left Konan and Katlyn alone. Konan cleared his throat and nodded toward the door. Katlyn walked ahead of Konan and exited the building. She turned and faced Konan. 

“For the record, I am a doctor. It’s true, I assessed serial killers, and I did kill Diamond Eyes Rivera with his own weapon. What you don’t hear is this: I underwent intensive therapy afterwards, and I did not escape unscathed.” She unbuttoned her left sleeve and pushed it up to her elbow. A long scar ran the entire length of the top of her forearm. “He gave as good as he got. The only thing that helped me was my training in mixed martial arts. I’ve been in many sparring matchups, but Rivera almost beat me senseless. I also had broken ribs and other fractures that needed to heal.”

“Wow,” Konan muttered. “I’m glad you made it out.”

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