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Good afternoon…an update about today, from the desk of Jayce Wellspring…

Today has been a day. I got started early and began by drinking a cup of coffee, followed by yard work, and it culminated in loading up some things at our cabin. Now, I am home and sipping coffee. I’ve not accomplished much writing recently, and I’m worse off for it. I did finish A Joyful Life, but I haven’t gotten much done since then. 

Because of time, or mayhap it has to do with a lack of creative juices, I’m doing lots of rewriting. To be honest, I enjoy rewriting. You have the bare bones of the story, but the magic seems to happen when you begin to flesh out the story. There’s nothing quite as exciting as new threads appearing, and you sort out the types and shadows of the story.   

So far this year, I’ve edited and rewritten Holes and Burn. I hope to enter one of them into the Faulkner competition. Or both. Who knows what will happen, but then again, you will never know until you try.  

I had passed out A Joyful Life to some folks to read and give me their feedback. So far, only one has provided me with any, but it was doozy. Your story made me emotional. I’ll take it. Next on the plate for rewriting is the short story Life. I’ll post it when it’s ready. 

May you all have a blessed day. See ya next time. 

Freeman aka Jayce Wellspring 

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