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A snippet of the rewrite of The Rainy Ripper…

The sun peeked from behind thick, black thunderheads briefly, as Lilly sped toward the abandoned factory Rasheed had made a home. The humidity rose quickly between the rain-soaked asphalt and the sweltering sun. “It’s like someone threw a wet wool blanket over our heads and are trying to smother us with it,” Konan grumbled. Lilly nodded and snapped, “This weather is ridiculous,” as she jammed on the horn and masterfully darted between the rubberneckers and the lookie-loos.

A white sedan traveling twenty below the speed limit and braking often to stare at the damage blocked Lilly’s attempt to pass. “Let’s go, moron!” Lilly yelled. “Some of us have somewhere to be!” Lilly swerved out to overtake the driver, but oncoming traffic caused her to whip back behind the sedan. Konan placed his left hand against the roof of the car, while his right hand gripped the bar over the passenger door. “I got it,” Lilly snapped, as she yanked the vehicle into the left lane and gunned the engine.  The engine whined and the car shot past the sedan. Moments later, Lilly slammed on the brakes and slid to a stop in front of the factory. Konan exited the vehicle, bent over at the waist, and vomited.

“Can’t hack it, can you?” Lilly asked, as she stepped from the vehicle.

“I can hack it,” Konan grunted, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Lilly scrunched up her nose and then leaned over and whispered “no you can’t” into his ear. Konan stood upright and coughed, then followed Lilly toward the factory.

She’s right, but I’m no quitter.

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