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Good evening…

Hello! I pray this finds you all doing well. NaNoWriMo Camp is winding down, and I want to to update you all. At the moment, I sit at a bit over 41,000 words on my current project. It looks as if I might finish after all.

I’m 21 chapters into The Rainy Ripper. Rewriting is a special type of exhaustion, and I’m feeling it, but I’m on the last leg of the rewrite. The finish line is in sight! So, I’m foaming at the mouth like a mad bull, and I’m charging head on into the fray.

Furthermore, I still have a story out, Burn, that I hope to enter into the Faulkner Literary Contest. The deadline on that contest is 31 July 2023. If I can get Holes into a more ‘conversational’ tone, I will enter it too. Both are short stories, and I hope they do well.

Well, that brings us to date. I pray you all are safe and doing well. I’ll see you at the finish line.


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